My Passions Are:

I’m passionate about, and not necessarily in this order:

1. Perserving the past! This includes the history of those who have gone before us, whether they be my ancestors or your ancestors. It includes their stories and their footprints in the world. . . .and because they were somebody who meant something to somebody else, it includes their final resting spots as well.

2. I’m passionate about my family and I will love them and talk about them to anybody who will listen or read my blogs.

3. Correctness. It is not worth the time to do something if it is not worth the time to do it correctly! That includes writing, recording facts or housecleaning. It is all the same. Why do something wrong, when you are going to waste time to go back and correct it?

4. Beauty. I see beauty in things other people kick aside. Leaves on sidewalks, leaning headstones, old men sitting on park benches.

5. Organization. Organization in my kitchen, my office and my life. It saves a lot of time and looks great, too!

and most of all, I’m passionate about making sure my footprints on this planet have meant something to somebody. Hopefully, I will be remembered as a caring, compassionate person who has made a little difference in the lives of just a few I have come in contact with. . . .


2 thoughts on “My Passions Are:

  1. Hi,
    My name is Rae, and I was brought to your blogsite/facebook, because I have been researching a photographer from the twentieth century. My mother owns a picture by Bachrach from 1920 of her grandmother and father. I noticed that you have a picture on your blog of your father that was taken by Bachrach in 1925. The signatures are exactly the same. I was wondering if you might have some information on Bachrach. It could be possible that your father and my great grandfather met the same person!
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    my email is

  2. I am trying to find my mother’s biological mother. We know that she (my mother) was born in Lancaster, and the only info we were given is that she was born to a girl whose parents were department store owners. She was taken by train as an infant to Blacklick, Pa. where she was raised by Terrence and Nellie Palmer. Edythe Trout Bachman of Lancaster took her from Lancaster to Blacklick.

    Any ideas for searching? My mother was born in 1920 – her name is Nancy Palmer Barton.

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