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Genea Bloggers Group on Facebook

As a new member of Facebook’s “Genea-Bloggers” group, I’ve participated in several of their Carnival of Genealogy challenges. Besides being fun, it has given me an opportunity to write the stories that I’ve never thought about doing.  As I keep joining different challenges, I’ll keep adding the badges to this page.

Hope I’ll see you at a few of them!!


Becky Wiseman gave me this “I Heart Your Blog” badge for the tribute I wrote for my father for his 93rd birthday. It’s too bad he can’t read it. Perhaps you’d be interested in reading my thoughts on the super-hero in my life.


COG Show and Tell

My submission for this particular challenge was a story about my ancestor, Susannah Leader’s Bible and the effect it had on my life.

COG 10 Essential Books In My Genealogy Libraryl

The ten essential books in my library are specialized. Since I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, I chose the ten books I go to the most often. If you’d like to see which books I use the most for Lancaster County research, check out this posting.

COG - These Just Tickle My Funny Bone

COG - These Just Tickle My Funny Bone

I had two different submissions for this Carnival.  I smile when I even think of the pictures I submitted.  I have some cute grandkids! Of course the young ones are cute, and Ellis is no exception! My bigger kids and grandkids are cute and funny, too!

Getting to Know You COG Challenge

Getting to Know You COG Challenge

This Challenge was one in which I had to pick 3 of my best, brightest and breeziest blogs to submit.  I also had to tell why I was doing this and a little about me. This blog can be found here!

. . . and then there was this challenge ~ family information I’ve found in newspapers!  This one, I could have written literally hundreds of submissions, if only the time would have allowed it.  Instead, I did just one, and I titled it Newspaper Archives; my favorite reading! and after reading this, you’ll see why!

The 58th COG, “Halloween Hauntings or Fiction” Challenge was fun!  My post was titled Joseph Must have been Related to Casper! He was a Friendly Ghost! This post could be fact or fiction, but we were not to reveal the which until after the event was posted.  Read my post and see if you could have guessed!

. . . and this one will always be in progress! I must find something in my mess that has to do with my genealogy that must be cleaned/organized/sorted, etc. and tell of the treasure I have found when I have completed my task. I have found a treasure box that falls into all those categories and check out my blog see what I have found! I have not gone through this box in years! To see what I planned to do, go to my blog My Treasure Chest Overfloweth and see if I met my goal.



and finally this little guy came for a visit, and I think I’ll keep him on this page even though I’ve passed him on! I really like him!!


I have written a tribute to my favorite grandmother, Grandma Forgetful. We called her that, lovingly, of course.


I was challenged on Holiday Traditions, not because my family didn’t have any, but because my family had so many!  I narrowed it down to the oldest tradition I could think of, and see if you agree, that it’s really a Cartoon Christmas at our home!


Now, this was a fun challenge!  My submission for the 62nd edition of Genea-Bloggers Carnival was Oh Genea-Santa! I’ve tried to be so-o-o good . . . See if I deserve any of my “Three Wishes!”

Since Santa didn’t bring me any of my “Three Wishes,” I decided to make some resolutions. To that end, I’ve written my resolutions down on my latest blog I Hereby Resolve That I Will . . “   Check them out to see if you think I can keep any of them!



. . . and I really want to know who these people are for the 9th Edition of Smile for the Camera! Are they members of your family? Who are they?  Contact me if you know. . .  please!



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