I’m Linda!  You’ll see me as Linda in Lancaster, Linda Stienstra, Grandma Linda, or a variety of other names!  Some I prefer not to be called, some I love to be known by!

I switched from another blog platform in an effort to expand my blog and have been happily posting my Family history discoveries, thoughts, reflections and pictures with my extended family with the WordPress format. I find new tidbits pop up daily, weekly, and/or monthly! As they do, I try to post them or at least catalog them for posting later.

Since I do love comments, critiques and yes, even a little criticism now and then, please contact me and make me aware of your thoughts on my efforts!

. . . . and now for a little background on Linda!

I was born in Hawaii, raised in Hawaii, on Guam and in California.  No, I was not an Army Brat, I was a Civil Service Dependent, although my grandparents were settlers in Hilo in the early 1900’s. My father saw my mother from afar ~ he was in Army khakis and she in shorts. The rest is history, as they say!

I am the mother of Blaine and Paige, and mother by marriage of Scott.  They are all in their early 40’s. Blaine has given me a great little grandson, Ellis, Paige is the mother of Mike and Hallie Beth and Scott the father of Donald, Lauren and Stephen.  My youngest grandchild is 3 years old! and the oldest is 23 years old!  The youngest grandchild belongs to the oldest child!  He is a blessing and spoiled by all . . . . especially his Pennsylvania Grandma.

I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home of my ancestors, making researching them relatively easy.  Figuring out who is who, is not quite as easy, since they all named their boys the same thing!

I live in an 1880 townhome, and upon researching deeds, I found out that a 3rd cousin of my grandmother’s once owned this home.  It must have been “meant to be” that we bought it!

I’ve been researching my family history (and stories) since 1990 and have been passionate about it ever since.  So much so, that we picked up roots and left California to live in Pennsylvania!  We’ve never regretted the move, although we do miss our children and grandchildren. . . . .

I volunteer at the Historical Society, for the Family Search Indexing project, Find-a-grave and have volunteered for RAOGK for many, many years.  I love helping people find a link to their past and hope they get as excited about it as I do when they break through a “brickwall!”

I attend as many conferences as possible because I feel that everyone you meet, listen to, or exchange ideas with, can only help with your search techniques and give you ideas of places to look that you may have overlooked or simply forgotten about!

What I think is important. . . . National Archives, Washington DC

Picture taken at the National Archives, Washington DC

I want my childlren and grandchildren to know that we are who we are because of what their ancestors have done for us!  Where they have walked, what they have built and the trials, tribulations, accomplishments, hopes and tears they’ve shed.  Everything they thought, planned and carried through with, molded their children, who in turn molded us into the people we are today!

In a nutshell, you now know Linda!  Just an ordinary Grandma making the most of her retirement and doing this for her children.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Linda,

    I came across your blog from the Carnival of Genealogy and am glad that I did. I thoroughly am enjoying it especially the posts about your conference experience. What an opportunity; how lucky you were.

    I am really enjoying the look and content of your blog. Just wanted to say “well done”.

    Fellow genea-blogger,


  2. Dear Cousin Linda,

    I am a direct descendant of Oliver and Elizabeth (Leader – in some records we’ve found looks like Seder!) McCullough. I have an additional article about Oliver’s train accident and photos of their gravestones which were within 10 miles or so from the library you were in when you visited Elkton. They are buried in the Methodist cemetery in North East, Cecil County, MD.

    I would very much like to exchange data and resources with you. We have other living cousins from this line that I am in touch with, too. Please contact me at my e-mail address so I can make direct contact with you!


  3. Hello there my name is John Philip Kleiss Fron Long Island New York and my father was John Philip Kleiss and my Grand father was John Harry Kleiss. Please contat me and purhaps we can compare notes on the Kleiss geneology!!

    My home email is as follows


  4. Hi Linda, While searching the web I came upon your site here. Always interested in grave stones. I am not sure but believe that your Catherine Staley M. Jacob Graff/Grove (the doctor) is part of my husband’s Staley line in PA.

    I loved your party ideas for your mom’s 90th birthday. I’d like to copy your table decor cake boxes that make a round cake. If you remember the supplier would you share the info.
    Enjoyed all your photos!Thanks!
    Katherineof MI. ks2of7@earthlink.net

  5. I’m from Lancaster, PA and think this Graveyard Rabbit stuff is great. There needs to be an awareness made about the importance of graveyards and tombstones. On another note, I’m also descended from the Kleis family of Lancaster. I’m still working on it. I’m stuck in 1806 without any real leads to get me further back. Anyway, great site Linda. Looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Hi!

    I notice that you have many photos of grave in Klopp’s Cemetery. Do you have one of Phillip Lorentz Hautz? He is a relative of my husband and I am doing his genealogy. Thanks. Karen Garst

  7. HI, Linda,
    Glad to see that you’re still going strong. I was wondering if you have any information on the Carvell reunion out there. I have recently retired and have begun thinking it would be a great thing to attend one of these days.

    Bruce Carvell
    St. Louis MO

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