Happy 100th Birthday Dad!

Today would have been my father’s 100th Birthday! One Hundred Years Old! This day will be set aside for me to remember him joyously, not to mourn, but to celebrate the life he led and how much he meant to me!

He was born William Francis Sherman, Jr., on September 4, 1915 in Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington D.C. He was the first child of Nellie Niess and William Francis Sherman and just as importantly, the first grandchild of Carrie and Edwin A. Niess. Never was a child photographed more or idolized more by his grandparents. Pictures were taken on a regular schedule, and not just one picture, but a series of them. Today I will celebrate his birthday, by sharing a few of my favorites.

DadThis is just one in a series of pictures that was taken to celebrate his first birthday. This is my favorite from the series.DadBike

A Family Picutre was taken the same day this was. This must have been an add on to the package. My father is on the right, his middle brother, Raymond is in the front, and I have no idea who the kid with the hat is. It’s just a picture so typical of the era and I love the bikes!eddiedad
My father’s Uncle Eddy joined the service and of course, Dad wanted to also. He got a little Army Suit instead.


. . .  and of course, there is no sense in having a portrait taken, if it isn’t by Bachrach! 1925NellieBoys (4)

I would bet my great-grandparents paid for this series of pictures. Pictured above is my father on the left, his youngest brother, Vincent, next to him, and middle brother Raymond on the right. My grandmother Nellie is in the back. 1925, another Bachrach.

Since I know Dad did not go to a private school (he graduated from Lowell High in San Francisco) He must have been in something like the ROTC at one time. (Can anyone identify the uniform?)

sc0177935fHas anyone ever seen a World War II era picture that the hat was not cocked over the right eye??

Dad and Me
This is my favorite picture of Dad and Me. Taken in Fallbrook with the Golf Course in the background. It was taken in the late 1970’s.
. . . and this was taken 25 years ago on his 75th birthday. The whole family got together for the ocassion at our home in Tehachapi, California. Exactly two weeks later he was gone. It was the last time any of us saw the wonderful man. We ate, we laughed, we listened to his stories ~ what a wonderful way to say good bye.

I miss you daily, Dad . . . .


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