A Three Year Pregnancy? I Think Not!!

Divorces are never fun. Some body has to be right ~ some body has to be wrong. After 40 years you think the couples could move on, and my ex and I almost did! Until I found my passion, Genealogy,  and proved his father wrong . . .

William Henry Bowman was the second son born to the marriage of Charles Jackson and Clevia Hiatt Bowman in Mt Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky on 25 February 1909. Not so according to and disputed by his family! They agree with everything except the birthdate! According to the “Bowman Family Legend” he was born 22 February 1914. . . in fact, his headstone and California Death Records even record the incorrect information. . . provided by his family, of course!

Wrong Birthdate

Wrong Birthdate

My proof that the 1914 date is wrong?

  • Number one and the biggest is the fact that William Henry’s father Charles Jackson Bowman died 10 January 1911, making a three year pregnancy something of a miracle. Charles’ death certificate is posted on Find A Grave and verifies that date.
  • Number two is the fact that William’s mother, Clevia Hiatt Bowman, remarried on 26 December 1912. His stepfather was Thomas C. Johnson, and probably the only father he remembers. . . . yet William never uses the name Johnson, always the name Bowman!
  • Number three would be his father’s Military Pension file which mentions his two sons (Hubert and William) their birthdates and the date that they will turn sixteen years of age.
  • Number four would be an article I found yesterday in Mt. Vernon signal (Mt. Vernon, Ky.) March 05, 1909 which says “Born to the wife of Chas. Bowman a fine boy, named William.”
  • and Number five would be various census records. 1920 the Johnson family had moved to Hamilton County, Ohio and William (stepson) was 12 and in 1930 and this is the interesting one, the family was still in Hamilton County, and Stepson, William Bomman (sic) was 21 and divorced! Never has a first wife been mentioned in the family before I found this!

. . . Divorced?? Sounds like I have a trip coming up, doesn’t it? Ohio! Here I come! Gotta keep that pot boiling!


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