Because of Pearl Harbor ~ I am

Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii

Short story: Today is Pearl Harbor Day and let us not forget the many lost in the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor that morning. However, if it weren’t for this I would not be.

My parents met when my father was in the service, stationed in Hawaii. My mother’s family lived in Hilo. She was in shorts; he was in Uniform. The rest is history!

When he got out of the Army my parents married. In December of 1941, they they were living in Washington DC where Dad was from, when a call went out for volunteers to go to Hawaii and help clean up the Harbor. Dad volunteered and Mother, pregnant with her first child, finagled her passage to Hawaii. (This is another story all together!)

He reported to Pearl Harbor and she went home to her parents. He was trained as a welder and his job was to cut ships apart, looking for bodies. Mother said he never spoke of his experience. When the job was over he went to Hilo to meet his new son and the couple lived with my grandparents.

Because the Islands had been attacked they lived under a “Black Out” law, with no lights visible at night. Black Out Curtains were the norm. and what else is there to do with no light at night? Voila!

I was born in December of 1943 ~ affectionately termed . . . . “A Black Out Baby!”


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