The Annual Family Christmas Picture, 1949

My Father’s hobby was photography and he was good at it. He’d set up the camera and we’d pose, leave a spot empty for him. Timer set, he’d hustle into his spot and VOILA! We’d have our Christmas Picture. So it was in 1949.


This blog is about the tree as much as it is about the Family. You see, finding the perfect Christmas Tree was not as easy in Paauhau, Hawaii as it was, say in Portland, Oregon or Bangor, Maine, and my parents really worked at it.

In order to get a half way good looking Christmas Tree they had to buy not one, but two trees and put them in the same pot, and as I remember, wire them together all the way up. Thus our full and beautiful Christmas Tree(s)! If this was the only unique story about the tree, it would be interesting enough, wouldn’t it? But there’s more!

In the middle of the night, there was a crash that woke up the household, and as luck would have it the tree fell over! The three younger ones, Bud on the left, Priscilla on the trike, and Linda on the right doing whatever it was she was doing, were NOT allowed out of their rooms while Santa’s helpers uprighted the tree and redecorated to the best of their ability so their children could have their perfect Christmas!

. . . and of course, there would be the perfect background for the Annual Christmas Picture, 1949!


One thought on “The Annual Family Christmas Picture, 1949

  1. How neat that you grew up in Hawaii! I bet it was really interesting back before it became a state… very rural I’m sure. I grew up there too on The Big Island. but in the 1970s and 80s. I found your blog through Pinterest. I was researching ideas for my mom’s 90s Birthday. Mahalo for the great story of your Christmas trees. We always had a Norfolk Pine tree.

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