November 22, 1963. Where Were You?

Everybody remembers where they were were and what they were doing on certain days. My parents remembered D-Day, some people remember the Space Shuttle exploding and my grandchildren will remember the Twin Towers. I remember Dallas, November 22, 1963 for more than one reason.

This was the day! The day my first child was due. Bag was packed for the hospital, house was clean and I was waiting for my first labor pain. I’d pace, check to make sure everything was in place in the Nursery for the arrival of he or she and pace some more.

The morning seemed to drag until the phone rang and a friend who was also expecting her first child was calling to find out how I was.  . . . . and we talked, television on in the background. We talked babies, gossip about old high school friends and whatever it was young mothers-to-be talked about in November of 1963. All of a sudden the broadcasting was interupted with Walter Cronkite announcing that an attempt had been taken to assasinate our President! Karen and I both listened. The phone line was silent.

. . . and then came that iconic statement, with Walter Cronkite removing his glasses . . .“at 1 PM Central Standard Time . . . . “ We were in shock, the Nation was in shock!

We finally hung up so we could each sit in our quiet home and just stare as history unfolded before our very eyes. As much as I wanted to hold that newborn in my arms, I also did not want to miss watching the events of that day. I wanted to join the rest of the country, via the Television, watch what is now written about in History books. The entire country felt the pain and we all were grieving together – one Nation, under God.

It went on for days, culminating with the funeral and little John saluting his father’s casket as it passed. The Nation wept. And my child decided not to come in the midst of it all. He/she would wait until later so Mommy could grieve with the Nation. Happier days were ahead.

I finally welcomed my first child, a son, in the early morning hours of  December 8th.

 . .  . . . . . Blaine just missed another of those dates that everybody remembers .


One thought on “November 22, 1963. Where Were You?

  1. The portents of a dark time in our history kept me in quiet contemplation for the two weeks of mourning that I required before finally making my debut.

    Love you, mom.

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