Oh, Ursulla Oxer, You Sprightly Woman, You!

Why can’t all of my ancestors have marriage announcements in the newspapers? and why couldn’t Ursula Oxer been my ancestor? Yes, I do research Auxer, Axers and Oxers, however, she married into the clan and I’m trying to find out what happened to her previous husband!

Look at all of this information in six short lines:

  • They got married the previous Sunday (30 June 1812),
  • A German Reformed Pastor married them (Mr. Hoffmeyer, probably J.H. Hoffmeier)
  • Groom’s name, Peter Holl (spelled Hohl in other records),
  • This is not the bride’s first marriage since the “Mrs.” gives that away,
  • Both bride and groom lived in Strasburg and they were each 70 years of age!
  • . . . and don’t forget, she was sprightly!

Next task? Go through previous editions of this particular newspaper and look for her husband’s death! Think I’ll find it?

I’ll let you know!


2 thoughts on “Oh, Ursulla Oxer, You Sprightly Woman, You!

    • I was thinking the other way around, Kathie! I was thinking he wasn’t a widower long and seeing “sprightly” Ursulla, decided this was the next Mrs. Holl/Hohl, since he wasn’t as “sprightly” and needed somebody to chop that firewood and haul it in. Stoke that fire, hitch up those horses and then come home and prepare those meals, clean that house ~ you know, all the things that put the first Mrs. in her grave!

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