Crittendan Street, Washington DC

My great-grandparents, Edwin and Carrie Niess once owned a home on Crittendan Street in the District of Columbia. That address is mentioned in a lot of correspondence of Edwin’s and noted on the back of a lot of pictures. I knew the home must have been larger than it looked in the snapshot I found in my library of Edwin’s things, since he was an attorney. This picture is from 1928, and hides a lot of elements that I’m sure were there then.Several years ago, Jim and I took a ride to the area, and tried to find various landmarks associated with my ancestors. We found the Crittendan address and it doesn’t seem to have changed much. Awnings and landscape seem to be the major change visible from the street ~ that and the AC unit sticking out the front window!What really surprises me is how big the interior must have been. I am in the process of redoing my filing system and came across an article that was published in the Washington Post on Sunday, 16 March 1924:

” . . .Mrs. Edwin A. Niess, second vice president, Wednesday afternoon at her residence 1422 Crittendan street, northwest, entertained members of the club and their friends at a 300 and bridge party, at which fifteen tables were occupied.”

Now, I don’t care how large a house is, and this one doesn’t look that large, but 4 people at each of 15 tables equals 60 people, no matter how you do the math!  and 60 for bridge would take up a lot of space,

. . . not to mention all the peanuts you’d have to buy!


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