Santa Baby, Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight!!

Well, Santa, I’ve been challenged!  (In more ways than one, I might add!) But most importantly I’ve been challenged by a little “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun” to sit on your lap (and I’ve never been opposed to that!) and ask you for my “genealogy related desires!”

Well!  Do I have a list for you, Big Boy!  but I’ll pare it down so as not to seem too darn selfish this year!

1.  First and foremost this year, please help me find my very own grandfather!  No, I know where he died, when he died and where he’s buried!  I’ve seen his headstone in Arlington National Cemetery!  I want to know where he was born and what his actual date of birth is!  Who are his parents and is Sherman really our surname?  Dad thought he only lied about his age to join the service, but brother’s DNA indicates that he probably lied about his name, too!  How can we match Zieglers closer than we match any Sherman anywhere?
. . . and, why or why did you have to let his records be included in that batch that burned in St. Louis??  Why, Santa, why?
and #2 is not as important as #1, but important, never the less to me, please give me a little “stick-to-it” desire to finish re-organizing my office. I have the file cabinets, copy machine, copy paper and everything needed, all I need is time, Santa, time!

I do know Santa, that there are others out there who need your gifts much more than I do!  I’m talking about those in Haiti still living in tents, and those servicemen worldwide living away from their families, many in harms way. And don’t forget those in our own country!  Many are still looking for work and in fear of losing their homes.  Look after their wants first, please Santa, and then if there’s anything left over, I’ll take those two little things I talked about!

After all, I’ve been waiting over 20 years to learn about my grandfather’s background and

he took that information to the grave with him!


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