“The First Steffy Clan Reunion”

Since I am both a postcard collector and a family historian, I had to buy this postcard, hoping there was a name or two on it that just might connect into my family.  Alas, the only words on the back of it are in the title of this blog.Can you help identify anybody in this picture? It is postally unused, but I believe it came from the Ohio area. I’ve not done much research on this particular line, but was hoping that this would jumpstart it.  Of course, it didn’t.

My Steffys are in Pennsylvania and are as follows:

  • Elizabeth AUXER (13 Jul 1785-3 Feb 1870)(and Auxer is the primary line I follow) married Jacob Steffy (abt 1781-1824) on 2 Sep 1800 in the First Reformed Church, Lancaster PA
    • Jacob, born 1801 (must have died early since another Jacob was born 5 years later)
    • Catherine, born 1803
    • Jacob, born 1806
    • George, born 1810
    • William, born 14 March 1812, died 16 Oct 1872 in Lancaster, PA
    • Susan, born 8 Oct 1816, died 24 Feb 1826, buried in Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster, PA
    • Abraham, born 19 April 1820
    • John Frederic, born 9 April 1823, died 11 April 1824, buried in Lancaster Cemetery, Lancaster PA

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