One Hundred Years ago on West James Street

West James StreetYes, this post card was mailed 100 years ago!  It was sent from Lancaster to Middletown, Pennsylvania, a drive today of perhaps 45 minutes.  We would never dream of sending a postcard to somebody in Middletown today ~ we’d call them, text them, e-mail them or even drive to see them ~ but send a post card?  Not in a blue moon!

West James Street, just two blocks north of West Walnut Street. What’s so special about West Walnut Street? Why I live on West Walnut Street! Just blocks away from Lancaster Theological Seminary, with the Historical Society for the United Church of Christ and a great repository of various Church records and family histories ~ all within walking distance of my home!  The building that appears to be a Church on the right hand side of this post card is in fact still part of the Seminary today.

seminaryThis is a view of it today.  The street is paved, there is a hedge separating the sidewalk from the lawn and a brick walk in a herringbone pattern that goes from the main entrance on West James Street to the front of the building.  Today it has a needed parking lot, fully mature trees and plantings.  It is a beautiful structure in a city full of beautiful structures.


Lancaster Theological Seminary is directly across the street from Franklin and Marshall CollegeNorth Museum of Natural History and Science and Buchanan Park.  We are fortunate, living in Lancaster, to have great facilities for children up thru adults. The North Museum is the destination for many field trips from the schools throughout Lancaster County and in fact interesting for adults as well!  Franklin and Marshall College sponsors many events open to the community year around, from plays, talks and concerts,  and Buchanan Park is enjoyed by the entire community!  The park has a dog park, a rose garden and many events are held there throughout the year, with a community carnival being just one.

Ah, but I digress, all because of a postcard of West James Street with the Seminary on one side, and the College, Museum and Park straight ahead!  This street leads to just a small part of what Lancaster, Pennsylvania has to offer ~

Consider this a post card to you from me and come visit this happenin’ city ~ You’ll enjoy it, I guarantee it!



2 thoughts on “One Hundred Years ago on West James Street

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  2. Linda, you’ve really inspired me to get out there this summer and start snapping pictures of some of the places I have on my postcards.
    I think it’s great that the place you live in has postcards and that you’ve taken the trouble to collect them.
    Thanks so much for taking part in A Festival of Postcards – your article was much appreciated!
    The Main Street Festival has been published here:
    Evelyn in Montreal
    A Festival of Postcards

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