Two Important Events in Nana’s Life; Both on the Same Day

On June 18, 1913 the Senior Class of Sacramento High School held their graduation ceremony. My grandmother, Bertha Emma von Breyman was the first child in her family to walk across a stage and receive her diploma. Quite a feat considering she was the second to youngest of ten children.
Her mother was widowed when my Nana was five years old.  In order to attend high school Nana had moved to her sister’s home to care for the children and do household chores. Throughout her life she was proud of the fact that she had graduated from high school and always emphasized the importance of education. Each one of her six children attended some form of higher education, from the Navel Academy to Stanford, coast to coast, and points in between.
The graduation ceremony was in the morning. Wearing the same suit she had made for her graduation, she and Henry August William Lindgren went down to City Hall and were married the same afternoon. The picture at the head of this blog was taken at the Pan Pacific Exposition in San Francisco on their honeymoon. 


Fifty years later the family gathered in Sacramento to celebrate their anniversary.  The group from left to right:

Jack (deceased), Pat, Catherine (my mother) Henry and Bertha, Bettie, and Henry (deceased.)  Missing from the picture was Bill who lived on the east coast at the time.  Henry was the oldest, followed by Jack, then my mother, Bettie and Pat.  Bill is the baby of the family.

Point of the story?  

If you want to remember an important event in your life, schedule your wedding on the same day!  


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