Alumni News, Lancaster High School, 1898

Another of my finds!  I found this 35 page booklet titled “The High School News. Commencement Number. 1898.” and it was from Lancaster, Pennsylvania!  Since I found it in Franklin County, it wasn’t priced as high as it would have been in Lancaster, and I bought this treasure for $5.00!  

The publishing information states that it was the “Official Organ of the Lancaster High School Alumni Association” and was published monthly.

Since I can’t share the book with it’s wonderful advertisements with everybody, I thought I’d share the Alumni Notes and Class Reunion Section via this blog.  I will get around to a few other things, later.

Meanwhile, enjoy this part!


’67.  Mr. A.N. Breneman, formerly of this city, has notified Secretary Spencer, of the Alumni Associateion, of his change of residence from Westminster, North Carolina, to Aldrich, Shelby county, Alabama.

’76.  Mrs. Harriet Curtis Stein was in Lancaster for serveral weeks this spring, having been called East by the illness of her father, who has since died.   Mrs. Stein and her husband, Mr. Henry W. Stein, ’78, live in Seattle, Washington.

’76.  Mrs. William Henderson, nee Wickersham, of Harrisburg, was visiting her friends in this city during the past week. 

’81.  Mr. W. Scott Adler, of the firm of Chiles, Adler & Cobble, merchants of South Bend, Indiana, sent his regrets and good wishes to the secretary of the Alumni Association in response to the invitation to the annual meeting.

’85.  The wedding of Mr. Charles Emory Long, ’85, and Miss Caroline Louise Metzger, ’88 was celebrated at noon on Wednesday, June 1.  The ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. P.A. Metzger, No. 36 North Lime street, by the Rev. W.H. Shaffer, pastor of the First M.E. Church.  Mr. and Mrs. Long will make their home at No. 618 East King street, in this city.

’86.  Dr. M.D. Lederman, who has become a prominent specialist of New York City, sent his regrets and best wishes to the Alumni Association in response to the invitation to the annual meeting.

’88.  Miss M. Grace Hoffmeier was married on Wednesday morning, June 15, to Prof. Thaddeus G. Helm, of this city.  The ceremony was performed at St. Paul’s Reformed Church by Rev. J.W. Meminger, assisted by Rev. Dr. J.S. Stahr, president of Franklin and Marshall College.  A large number of invited guests were present.  Prof. Helm is one of the principals of Franklin and Marshall Academy, and will reside there with Mrs. Helm.

’90 Miss Lucy Pixton, of Philadelphia, spent several days visiting among friends in this city in the early part of this month.  Miss Pixton sang a solo at the First M.E. Church on Sunday, June 12, and also sang at the Iris Club during her stay in Lancaster.

’90.  Miss Sarah E. Cramer was married at noon on Monday, June 6, to Mr. D.S. Horman, of Pottstown, at St. James’ Episcopal Church, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Percy J. Robottom.  The wedding was followed by a reception at the home of the bride’s father, Mr. George Cramer.  Mr. and Mrs. Horman will make their home in Pottstown.

’91.  Rev. Howard W. Diller, who graduated at the General Theological Seminary, in the New York City, on May 25, was ordained a deacon of the Episcopal Church at Altoona, on June 15, by Bishop Talbot, of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.  Rev. Mr. Diller has been placed in charge of the church at Renova, Pa., and will assume his duties about the end of June.

’91.  Dr. Newton E. Bitzer graduated from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania on June 8, and received his degree of M.D.  He has also passed the State Board of Examination, and has been licensed to practice int he State of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Bitzer also passed an excellent hospital examination receiving first appointment.  He will be resident physician at the Howard hospital, in Philadelphia during the ensuing year.

’92.  Miss Lydia M. Schofield was married on Wednesday evening June 8, to Mr. Wm. F. Diller of this city.  The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Mary B. Schofield, No. 502 West James street.  Mr. and Mrs. Diller will reside in this city.

’92.  Mr. Samuel Albright is home on vacation from the Moravian College, at Bethlehem, where he is a student.

’92.  Mr. Harry E. Edgerley was elected second lieutenant of the company which was mustered into the provisional guard from this city last week.  The company contains a large number of High School alumni an ex-students.

’93.  On Wednesday morning, June 1, Miss M. Grace Faesig was married at the home of her father, Mr. Frank J. Faesig, to Mr. Harry S. Gruger, of this city.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. J.M. Titzel, of the First Reformed church.  The couple will make their home in this city.

’93.  Dr. O.C. Campbell has graduated from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania, and has also successfully passed the State Board medical examination.  Dr. Campbell will be resident physician at St. Joseph’s hospital in Philadelphia during the next year.

’93.  Robert C. Davis graduated this spring from the West Point Military Academy, and received his appointment as second lieutenant.  Lieutenant Davis went immediately to the front with his regiment, after spending a week visiting in this city.

’93.  Edgar Herr Levan graduated on Thursday, June 9, in the Senior class at Franklin and Marshall College.

’94.  Mr. H.C. Bolenius and Mr. William H. Kready graduated with the Senior class at Franklin and Marshall College on Thursday, June 9.  Mr. Bolenius was one of the class prophets on class-day during the Commencement exercises.

’94.  Mr. Eugene A. Heim is home from the Moravian College at Bethlehem, Pa.

’96.  Mr. Sigmund S. Albert has left for West Point where he will commence his work as a student in the United States Military Academy.

’97.  Mr. Newton W. Buch has returned for the summer from Lehigh College where he won a prize for proficiency in chemistry.

’96.  W. Lewis Haldy is home from Dickinson College.


Class of ’91

The Class of ’91 held its Seventh Annual Reunion at the Imperial Hotel, on Tuesday evening, at 9:30 o’clock.  Fifteen of the twenty three members of the class were present as follows: D.B. Bartholomew, Dr. N.E. Bitzer, Wm. Dorwart, B. Frank Kready, Joseph R. Mercer, Harry W. McGinnis, J. Roland Kinzer, Walter A. Miller, Washington W. Nixdorf, Walter J. Leonard, Alden J. Pontz, Frank T. Thurlow, Fred J. Rieker, James F. Erisman and Edward L. Page, of Philadelphia.  Proprietor Weingarten furnished an excellent menu, which was greatly appreciated by the banqueters.  Several hours were spent in the reminiscences of school-life, singing and anecdotes.  The Class of ’91 has the unusual record of having held a reunion every year since their graduation.

Class of ’93.

The Class of 1893 will hold its Annual Reunion during the week following commencement week.

Class of ’94.

The Class of ’94 will hold its Third Annual Reunion on Tuesday evening, June 28.

Class of ’96.

On Thursday evening, June 23, the Class of’96 held its annual banquet at Hotel Maennerchor.  Caterer Sands spread a magnificent feast before them, and at the close toasts were responded to.  Horace C. Kinzer acted as toastmaster, and C. Reah Weber as historian.  A telegram of congratulation and regret at his absence was sent to their class-mate, Sigmund I. Albert, at West Point, and all there indulged in reminiscing old times.  The cimmittee in charge of the affair consisted of North W. Shetter, C. Reah Weber, J. Howard Bursk and Harold D. Pyott.

Class of ’97.

The Class of’97 held its banquet on Wednesday evening, June 22.  Andrew E. Biggs acted as toastmaster, and each one present responded to a toast.



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