We all made it to 65. We didn’t all get Social Security.

Since I celebrated my “Medicare Birthday” this week, I thought it would be a good chance to chronicle all of my female ancestors at the same age! . . . all the female ancestors that I have pictures of, that is! Each one of my grandmothers are either exactly 65 or a year on either side of it

Can you figure out who I resemble? Hint: it is not my mother!


My great-great grandmother, Amelia D. Gode, at least 65 years old
(my mother’s great grandmother)


My great-great grandmother, Catharine Auxer Niess, age 65
(My father’s great grandmother)


My Great Grandmother, Minnie Goda von Breyman, age 65
(my mother’s grandmother)


My great-grandmother, Carrie Carvell Niess, age 65
(my father’s grandmother)


Catharina Dorothea Schultz Lindgren
(my mother’s grandmother)


My grandmother, Nellie Viola Niess Sherman, 60+ years old
(my father’s mother)


My grandmother, Bertha E. von Breyman Lindgren
(my mother’s mother)


My mother, Catharine Dorothea Lindgren Sherman


. . . .and now you know who I’m named after!  My name is:
Dorothea (after my great-grandmother Lindgren and my mother)
Linda (after my grandfather, who was called “Lindi” and had nobody named after him!)
and of course, Sherman, carrying on my father’s name!

We all reached the age of 65, but only myself, my mother and my two grandmothers ever saw Social Security benefits.

Hopefully, there will be enough for my daughter to see!


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