Oh Genea-Santa! I’ve tried to be so-o-o good. . . .


won’t you please read my plea and bring to me. . . . .

  • One or two letters to my grandfather from his family?  You know which grandfather!  The grandfather who is my brick wall!  The one who I think lied about his name. . . . and if it’s not too much to ask, could it please have a return address on it?  So I know where there were along with their names???  If I could have that, I’d be as pleased as punch!!
  • . . . and if that’s impossible for you to find, how about just one coverlet that was woven by my fifth great grandfather, Michael Auxer?  You know (since you’ve been around since the beginning of time!) that he was a weaver in Elizabethtown, surely just one of his coverlets still remain today!  What do you think?  Can you find one of those for me?
  • . . . and Santa, one more thing would make this the Christmas to end all Christmases and that would be that Melodeon great grandpa Niess left  Grandma Nellie.  When Grandma Nellie died she left a note that said Dad could have it, but somehow his brother got it.  I’d love to have it, Santa, but I don’t know how to ask for it. . . perhaps you could grab it for me on your travels!

. . . . and Santa, don’t think of this as a bribe, but I’ve left you a plate full of goodies with all of those carbs you need on Christmas night!  You’re going to need them to get around to the homes of all my Genea-blogger friends, and I want you to enjoy them.  However, if you want to leave one of those little things I’d like to have in exchange, feel free to do so!



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