The Gift My Brother Gave Me

I’ve been actively researching my family since 1990 and my main brick wall is my grandfather!  Family legend says he lied about his age to join the service.  I tend to think he lied about his name, too!

After 20 years, all I really know about him is:

  • He was married to my grandmother in 1914 in Washington DC.
  • He was the father of three sons.
  • My grandmother divorced him in 1948.
  • He died the same year and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


Think it would be easy to find things on him, huh?

  • I did find his enlistment record on the internet, however, his records were among the MIA in St. Louis, so nothing there.
  • My grandparents had a big society wedding, but the newspaper article about it had no mention of any of his family.  Even the out-of-town guests in attendance were not from his side of the family.
  • His obituary information was furnished by my Uncle who knew all I know today.

In an act of desperation, I e-mailed my brother and asked him if he would take an DNA test for me, and I would pay for it.  He, being the extraordinary brother he is, told me he’d be glad to.   .   .  and I got the results this week!!

What did they say?  They said we do not match any Sherman who has results posted on the internet!  We are not even close!

What it did say to me was I think  I was right all along ~ He must have lied about his name!


If this guy looks like anybody in your family, let me know!  Maybe we can compare DNA!!


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