Military Service is a Tradition in my Family

Military Service is a tradition in my family.  I am proud to say the tradition is carried on today by my grandson as it was by his 7th great-grandfather, Joseph Britton. My salute on Veterans Day, 2008 goes to the following family members, past and present, who have served their country.


Mike Foster, Grandson, United States Coast Guard, Presently

William B. Bowman, Son, United States Air Force

Scott L.H. Fisher, Step-Son, United States Army, Retired

Timothy C. Fisher, Step-Son, United States Army, Deceased

James Stienstra
, Husband, United States Army

Wm. F. Sherman, Father, United States Army, deceased

Wm. F. Sherman, Grandfather, United States Army Corps of Engineers, deceased
(No Service Picture Available)

Ephraim H. Niess, G-G-Grandfather, PA Inf, 122nd, Co. E, deceased
(No Service Picture Available)

Jeremiah M. Carvell, G-G-Grandfather, PA Inf, 133rd, Co. I & 9th PA Vet Cav., deceased

Joseph Britton, 6th G-Grandfather, Rev. War Service, deceased
(No Service Picture Available)


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