One Smiled; Two Didn’t. And They All Saw the Camera

A folder full of unmarked pictures from my great grandfather gave me these two wonderful pictures for the 7th Edition of “Oh Baby!” Smile for the Camera!  I have absolutely no idea who these people are, but they must have been important to my great-grandfather, otherwise he would not have saved them ~ right?

Are either of them smiling??  Doubtful!

Unknown Woman and Baby, obviously not smiling!

Is this a happy pair?  I wish my great grandfather had labeled the pictures ~ especially this one!!  They were obviously not well off, by the dress this woman is wearing, and obviously not happy!


I would like to think this young lady really enjoyed having her picture taken. It looks like a very little smile on her face, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “One Smiled; Two Didn’t. And They All Saw the Camera

  1. hi Linda!

    I’ve got some really grumpy looking photos of my ancestors too.. one of my Gt Gt Grandmother makes her look extremely fierce. Problem is, photography at that time was still so new and subjects often had to sit perfectly still for a long time. I’m guessing that maybe the woman above had just about had enough of an animated child and having to sit very still.

    Great photos too. It’s photos like these that have really spirited on my research.

    Thanks for sharing – great blog :0)

  2. “Take the picture already! This baby is pooping on my knee!” Oh, my!

    Look at the woman’s hands–she has such short chubby fingers. And the baby’s eyes are so light. Do short fingers or blue eyes run in your family, Linda?

    The second picture is certainly very strange in every way, isn’t it? What a pity you don’t know the story behind that one!

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