Did You Help Make History Today?

I Did! At 9:45AM this morning, I waited in a line with about 40 other people waiting for my turn to vote and I made new friends, talked to old friends and finally got my turn to cast my vote in a history making election!


My voter Receipt, 4 November 2008

Across the nation in California, my grand-daughter helped make history, too. Hallie voted for the first time in her life today and called me to let me know she had voted! She also told me how she had studied all the propositions and reviewed all the candidates that were running before she cast her vote. How many of us spent that kind of time doing that?

Proposition 8 in California is very controversial. This proposition deals with gay marriage. A “Yes” vote eliminates the rights of gay couples to marry. Hallie voted “No” because she feels it is not up to her to decide what was right for somebody else whether or not she agrees with them. She has stood up to her parents’ views, her youth group views and other friends’ views. I told her I was proud of her for standing her ground on what she believed in.

On November 4th 2008 we all had a chance to be a part of history!  My 5th great-grandfather, Joseph Britton, fought for this in the Revolutionary War. My great-great-grandfathers, Jeremiah Mark Carvell and Ephraim Niess fought for it in the Civil War aong with each of my ancestors who served in the military. Because of them I can vote!

Whether or not our candidates win, my granddaughter, on one coast, and I, on the opposite coast, each had a voice in this election!


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