A Cemetery on Halloween? You Bet! and We Went There!

Halloween is a great time to live in a city!  With Halloween falling on Friday this year, our city was even more alive than it usually is, and it’s usually very alive and thriving!  On Halloween 2008, neighbors were out and talking, children were excited about getting even more candy and community organizations had special events planned for the evening.  

One such event was one held in the Shreiner-Concord Cemetery two blocks from my home.  Since there was an article in the morning paper about it, I had to go ~ and of course, Jim agreed to walk on down there with me.   The plans for the evening, according to the article, included a slide show on the wall of an adjacent home “educating trick-or-treaters and their parents about Lancaster’s historic burial ground.”  There were, of course, treats for the children, as well.  

The most famous “occupant” of the cemetery is Thaddeus Stevens, the Congressman and great Abolitionist from Lancaster.  Thaddeus Stevens had chosen this place as his final resting spot since it was the only graveyard in the area, that accepted burials without regard to race, creed or color.


The event was held to bring public awareness to plans to bring the cemetery into more of a a community area, refurbishing gravestones and sidewalks around the graveyard.  The cemetery has been an Eagle Scout project and more can be read about the plans by clicking on the link .  I, of course, had my name added to the list as a volunteer, telling them I would be glad to help with any research necessary for the project!

I will be writing more about this cemetery and the project, as work progresses, on my Graveyard Rabbit Blog. Be sure to check it out.

While walking down to the cemetery, I had to take a picture of a huge witch floating in front of a large home on the way.  She was awesome and just a little reminiscent of the witch in “Wicked.”


. . . and of course, no blog about Halloween would be complete without a picture of a ghost.  The Ghost of Halloween was our very own Priest, throwing candy to the children from the balcony of his home!

Do I believe in Spirits?  Of course I do!

I saw one on Halloween tossing candy to the kids!


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