I bought an Easter Postcard from 1906

Last spring when I put my regular search of surnames in the eBay search engine, I came up with a hit on “Niess.” Somebody was selling a stack of old Easter Postcards, and had listed the names that were on them. Lo and behold, one of them was addressed to “Mrs. Ephram Niess” with the correct address. I had to have it! . . . . and have it, I did! I was the high bidder for the group and paid $30 which includes the s/h charge.

Beautiful handwriting, and when you turn it over, there is a beautiful Easter scene, and even evidence who sent it to her! See those pictures pasted on in the right hand side? It says “From” right above them. Want to know the problem? I have absolutely no idea who that attractive couple is!

Turning it back over again, you see that the postmarks are one on top of each other.  The lighter one is on the bottom and is from Harrisburg on April 12, 1906 at 9:30 PM.  The darker one appears to be the point of origin, Philadelphia April 12, 1906 at 4:15PM.

Several possibilities exist as to who this couple is.

1.  It could be her youngest son, Benjamin Franklin Niess and a girlfriend.  He married for the first time in August of 1906 but that marriage did not last.  It could be them.

2.  It could be a nephew and spouse.  She had a sister that lived in Camden (right across the river from Philadelphia) and her sister, Anna Maria Auxer Lehman, had nine sons.

3.  It could be a niece and spouse.  That same sister had three daughters.

4.  or it could be somebody from her Church!

It all boils down to the fact, I have absolutely no idea who sent this card!  . . . . and why didn’t they sign it so I could have a labeled picture in my database??

. . . .anybody want to buy a stack of old Easter Postcards, minus one, of course?


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