Joseph, Was He Really a Friendly Ghost? Was He Really a Ghost?

In the 58th Carnival of Genealogy “Halloween Hauntings” Challenge, I submitted a blog titled “Joseph must Have Been Related to Casper! He was a Friendly Ghost” in which I told readers I would tell them whether my story was fact, fiction or a little of both.  Well, my dear readers, it’s a little of both!

I’ll break it down for you:

1.  It did not happen to me
2.  His name was not Joseph
3. . . .and the dog’s name was not Shep!

This actually happened to my cousin, so he said! Now, I always doubted him until I was sitting at the kitchen table with him one afternoon waiting for his wife to come home. I was visiting from California and staying with them. Since she wasn’t due home for 2 hours we were surprised when we heard her garage door open. My cousin went out to see why she was home early and SHE WASN’T! She wasn’t home early and she wasn’t even home! He shut the garage door and it happened again.

I was a believer!

That was the last time I ever experienced the ghost (who’s name I do not remember!) but I have heard stories about him since that day in 1999.

Do I believe in ghosts?  Yes and No ~ 

I probably do not believe in ghosts, but I do believe in spirits!


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