. . . and How Many Grandchildren Do You Have??

Everybody, I suppose, has a weird side to them and I’m no exception!  Want to know what weird thing I look for in the newspaper?  Obituaries!  and not just any obituary, but I look for Amish obituaries!  and why you might ask?  You know I’m gonna tell you. . . .

In 2002 I cut out the first Amish obituary that simply fascinated me.  John S. Glick died leaving 9 children, 87 grandchildren, 317 great grandchildren and 5 great great grandchildren.  Now that’s a  grand total of 418 descendants!  I posted it on my bulletin board with the idea in mind that I would replace it only when somebody topped that number.

Well, last month it happened!  Rebecca S. King died and left 493 descendants!  an even 500 if you count the seven grandchildren who predeceased her.

It took six years for somebody to beat John Glick and only one month for somebody to beat Rebecca King!  On October 13th Gideon B. Stoltzfus died and left 664 descendants!!  That’s enough people for a good size town!

Now, I’m curious . . . . do they remember all those birthdays?  Do they send birthday cards?  Do they even remember all those names? . . . . and can you even imagine the buggies all lined up for the funeral?  I would think minimum 400 buggies.  That would be a traffic stopper!

I’ll stick with my small family.  My home can accommodate all of them and holiday meals are much cosier. . . .


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