Signs of Autumn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Remember that old song, . . . signs, signs, everywhere the signs?  Well, there are two different “signs” of Autumn and this blog will cover both of them!

The first type we are all familiar with.  They pop up everywhere this time of the year!  Yards are full of them, they’re posted on windows, they’re attached to car bumpers, stapled onto utility poles and  stuck on car windshields!  Will they ever go away?  Do they really persuade a person to vote for a particular candidate or issue?  I actually think they are a blight on the environment and a waste of our precious resources!

This particular sign was several blocks away in front of one of the larger homes on the block.  It is not that it is so interesting, you’ve probably seen hundreds just like this one, but it is interesting because of the one directly across the street from it!

Directly across the street from the Obama sign is the sign shown below.  Now what’s interesting about it, is the fact that somebody still had it, and the other fact that nobody has taken it!  It has been there for over a week that I know of!

Those are the “unattractive” signs of autumn, in my opinion! The signs of fall that I love are the changing ones. The ever changing colors that blanket the trees and the ground beneath them is what gets me up early to walk! The crispness in the air and the leaves falling as I walk. . . . there’s nothing like it!

This picture was taken from my front porch, looking up the street last week.  The colors were beginning and I couldn’t restrain myself from taking my first picture of them!

At 7AM the sun was just coming up over the rooftops in our city and I decided to go for a walk to enjoy all that Fall has to offer.  First stop Shreiner’s Cemetery where Thaddeus Stevens, the great Statesman is buried.

Thaddeus Stevens grave was framed by this tree, busy dropping it’s leaves in honor of him. In the background, the school’s lights began flickering on in the classrooms, one by one.  The day was starting in Lancaster.

I walked into town, photographing interesting sites as I went and headed home half an hour later.  One block from home I came to realize that our area has to have some of the prettiest city scenes around.  This building was once the Stevens Girls High School.  It has been converted into some nice apartments, retaining the old beautiful structure.

This shot of Stevens was taken from the corner.  The colors at that hour of the morning are just fantastic and makes it worthwhile to get up and take a walk at that hour of the morning.  I’m usually a bathrobe person until 9 or 10, so this was an unusual thing for me to do!

Walking on down the street, I turned left onto my street and now I know, for a fact, that there is indeed no place like home!  Maybe it was because I saw the end of the trek, or maybe because it is really very pretty ~ whatever it is, I’m truly blessed!

. . . . and what exactly does this have to do with genealogy, you might ask?  Well, nothing, unless you count the fact that . . . .

Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon are, after all, somebody’s ancestors!


One thought on “Signs of Autumn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  1. Yes the best part of autumn are the beautiful leaves on the tree. You have captured some beautiful vistas.

    I agree about the political signs. Our election is over but I am still seeing some that need to come down.

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