I cared enough to comment . . .

Just found a new challenge. . . . like I really need a challenge to blog.  . . .and this one is titled “Would you Care to Comment?”  Love this Challenge!  Now I get to take time, sit down and read blogs!  Since I have a (self-inflicted according to my husband) sleep deprivation problem, this is right up my alley!  The challenge was to read 10 different blogs and comment on each one of them.  Because we all appreciate a pat on the back now and then, we can give somebody a cyber attaboy! and at the same time increase our knowledge of a subject near and dear to us the addicted family historians!

Some of the blogs I read are new to me, and some are ones I read every chance I get.  Everybody has a something new to add, and I love reading their spin on my favorite subject (next to my family and grandchildren, that is!)  The blogs I read and commented on, in no particular order are as follows:

1.  Andrea Batchto’s Swimming in Comptons. You have to admire her patience as she reads each page in Orphans Court Minutes one by one by one by one . . . .

2. I found a great blog on GenDisasters, Events that Touched our Ancestors’ Lives. If you’ve not been there, go! Fascinating site and you can browse by states.

3. I also visited Lorelle on WordPress and commented on her interesting “Choosing a Blog Title and Domain Name and URL.”

4. Since I love obituaries, I visited Old Obituaries and read (and of course, commented on) Caton Hoblit; a faked obituary. I figure somebody either wished him ill, or he had a friend with a great sense of humor! Read it for yourself and decide. . . .

5. Cemeteries are another love of mine! Ask my husband; he thinks we stop at them all! I found a blog right up my alley in Gravegardens. They actually have a business tending to graves (cleaning headstones, planting flowers, etc.) and she’s taken pictures of some very interesting cemeteries! I’ll be back to this one again!

6. From Gravegardens, I stopped at Julie Cahill Tarr’s GenBlog. Since I follow her’s on a RSS feed, you know it’s one of my favorites.

7.  After Julie’s blog, I meandered down the road to Life at the Home20 and read and commented on the extraordinary treatment she received from Footnote after hurricane Ike.

8. Janet the Researcher was my next stop. She had paid a visit to my site and I returned the favor and left my comment on the beautiful organ in her Church. One of my best friends is an organist and we follow the trail of organs and organists, so I was, of course, taken by this one. Stop by her site and wish her “Happy Thanksgiving!”

9. I found a neat blog Geneababble with all kinds of little genealogical tidbits. He referenced an article on six ways to give back to the genealogical community that was in The Albuerque Tribune, that I found most interesting. Check out his blog!

10. For my tenth blog, I visited Wearing Grandpa’s Hat, a blog written by Paula Becker. She has some beautiful old pictures of her ancestors on this blog, and information on each one.

This has been a fun challenge, and I would encourage each of you to visit some of the blogs I referenced here.  There are some incredibly talented bloggers out there!


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