Joseph Must have been Related to Casper! He was a friendly Ghost!

Our new home was built on a trail that took wagons west through Pennsylvania.  We know that at one point, somebody who died along that trail was buried on the site we picked for our new home.

After we moved in, he welcomed us. . . . in his own way.  We would turn the lights on; he would turn them off.  He would turn lights on and we would turn them off.  It was a game he played.

He loved anything electrical, and became a member of our family.  We called him Joseph and he responded to his name.  We never saw him, but we felt his presence and knew his pattern.  Unexplained electrical happenings. . . . . well, it was only Joseph.

When he wanted to play, he let us know.  He didn’t care what time it was as much as we cared!  Case in point is the night he turned on the TV and the radio in the basement.  It was 1:30 AM and we were asleep.  Not funny, Joseph!  Hubby got out of bed and yelled down the stairs, “KNOCK IT OFF JOSEPH!!” and Joseph, being the obedient ghost, turned them both off, simultaneously.

. . . . and then there was the Christmas, years ago, when he took all the lights off of the tree.  He did this three nights in a row.  Each morning we would wake up, walk down stairs and there were the lights, on the floor, surrounding the tree stand.  Each day, we would restring the lights, and finally the third night when we went to bed we told him, from the top of the stairs, we did not want to come down to lights on the floor again!  We didn’t.

Shep, our dog knew him.  On several ocassions, we would be watching TV and Shep would awaken, sit up and look in one particular spot.  He would stand, his tail would start wagging and he acted like he wanted to play.  Then all of a sudden, he would sit down and look at us.  We knew Joseph had left the room.

We actually looked forward to his visits because we didn’t know exactly what he’d do next.  The last time we “heard from him” was the day we were sitting at the kitchen table.  We were having a cup of coffee when all of a sudden we heard a garage door open.  Now, we each had a garage door opener and my garage door opened. Since I was sitting at the table and my opener was in my purse, how on earth did it open?  Joseph!  I went and shut the door.  Next thing we knew the other door opened!  Same thing, shut the door.  He kept going between the garage doors until we got tired of it and told him that we had quite enough of it.  He listened and he went.

We waited for our ghost to return and  Shep waited, to no avail.

Joseph had moved on.  Perhaps he joined his family, or perhaps he found another family.  We’ll never know, because we’ve moved on as well.

You don’t believe in ghosts? Well, I do.  I’ve experienced Joseph!


*This blog was written for COG’s “Halloween Hauntings.”  Fact or Fiction?  A little of both?   I’ll let you know after the deadline of 15 October passess. . . . . .


7 thoughts on “Joseph Must have been Related to Casper! He was a friendly Ghost!

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  2. The tough thing is there are people who believe in ghosts and have stories to tell. Now whether it happened and you believe it and whether I believe it could have happened are two very different things. I personally don’t believe in ghosts, so I wouldn’t believe this happened. I would say fiction. If it is true and really happened, shows you what I know! 😉


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