Linda announces the Birth of a New Baby at our Home!

Well, actually, it’s Linda’s Baby, not Jim’s and Linda is pleased to announce it’s arrival. After many months of anticipating, researching and many agonizing decisions, it’s arrived! and in it’s place of prominence!

Linda's New Baby!

Linda's New Baby

My new baby weighed in at 25.4 pounds, is 18.5 inches in height, 19.1 inches in width and 8.1 inches in depth.

This the first blog I’ve typed on my new Baby!

Now, I’ve not worked on a Mac for over 15 years (and maybe even longer) and a lot has changed since I last touched one of these!  Thankfully, an Apple Store just opened less than five miles from my home, so I’ve enrolled in my first class on Saturday!  I have a whole lot to learn!

I’ve kept my Dell XPS laptop with all my pix and genealogy database on it, and it sits right next to my new Baby.  I’ve got I-Life installed on the IMac and Reunion on order.  I’ll be having a lot of questions!

Thanks, Mike, Dan and Paige!  You cost me a lot of money!

I finally listened to my family. . . . .


3 thoughts on “Linda announces the Birth of a New Baby at our Home!

  1. Did I get a birth announcment that nice and detailed?????? Mostly it is Mike and Dans fault… I would rather you spent the money on Hallie and I ……Heeehee

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