Those “Philips” are driving me crazy! Working on that Kleiss Line!

I’ve done a timeline and I’ve eliminated a lot of “could be’s.”  But what about the rest that fit no where, but are baptized, married and buried from THE Kleiss Church in Lancaster?  How do they fit in?

The Kleiss family were of the Reformed faith.  First born, daughter Phillipina, married a Lutheran against her father’s wishes and was disinherited.  The rest of the family learned the lesson well; they remained Reformed.

Patriarch, Johan Philip Kleiss, immigrated on The Snow Good Intent on 23 October 1754.  He was a brewer and his Tavern was located on the corner of Queen and Vine Streets, in the heart of the city.  Interestingly enough, the Tavern still stands and is being incorporated into the new Convention Center in Lancaster.  He was successful in life as indicated by the eleven page inventory of his estate upon his death. Future generations of Kleiss’ also followed the brewing trade.  Those that didn’t follow the trade, supported it!  OK, that’s a joke, could be a bad joke, but I thought it was funny! A sense of humor seems to help when the situation seems bleak and unsolvable!  . . .and probably supporting an establishment like my ancestor’s tavern might help, too! (wink, wink!)

When Philip the senior, died, every son and grandson born after his death was either named John or Philip or a combination of John and Philip.  Isn’t that fun?  . . . . and it doesn’t help that all of these boys were born within 10 years of the patriarch’s death!  or that they all named their sons they same thing!

What I’d like to know is this:

  • John P. married to Christiana.  He was born 12 June 1815, died 2 Oct 1887, and is buried in Woodward Hill Cemetery, Lancaster.  His son must have been John P., born about 1853, died 28 Aug 1909.  Which John P. is this?  Who’s his daddy?
  • John P. Kleiss, married to Amanda Stark. He was born 19 June 1834 and he was a grocer on James Street in Lancaster.  They had two children, Jacob Henry and Maggie Elizabeth.  Which John P. is this?  Who’s his daddy?
  • Philip Kleiss married in 1831 to Maria Haag in Harrisburg, PA.  Which Philip is this?  Who’s his daddy?
  • John P. Kleiss, married to Lena, lived in Los Angeles in 1910.  I figure he was born in 1874.  Which John P. is this?  and just who’s his daddy?
  • John P. Kleiss, age 17 in 1873, a Weaver, in prison for fornication and bastardy.  Which John P. is this?  Who’s his daddy?  Who’s his grandpa?
  • and my personal favorite, John Kleiss who found $900 rolled up in a pair of old window blinds he bought at a public sale in Landisville in 1871.  When he returned the money to it’s rightful owner he got a 50 cent reward!  Honesty pays? Which John Kleiss was this?  and the same question, who’s his daddy?

I have a lot of information on these Kleiss guys, but nothing that fits exactly into a particular family.  This family seemed to have no imagination when it came to naming their sons!

If I’m not writing any blogs in the next week or two and you need to find me, check the Kleiss Tavern ~

this group of Kleiss guys is probably driving me to drink!


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