My Treasure Chest Overfloweth

When I first saw this challenge, I thought it would be easy. Well, it’s not!

I walked up to the attic, my office, and looked around.  It’s a real mess up there because I don’t take the time to file!  I looked at the the filing basket in my bookcase ~ full!  I looked at the papers on top of the other bookcase from the von Breyman family reunion in August of 2007 and I looked at the papers on top of my book!  Boy could I used a challenge to clean this up!

Rat's nest desk area!

Rat's Nest Desk area!

Then I remembered I had a basket full of filing, categorized under surnames.  Everytime I worked on a document, I filed it in this basket so I can file it in one of those black surname binders.  Double work?  Well, that’s Linda for you!

Full basket ready to be filed. . . . .

Full basket ready to be filed. . . . .

Boy I could use a challenge on that one!  But, then as I looked around the room, I saw what I wanted to find my treasures in!  My cheap lighthouse box, full of priceless pictures, documents, letters, and memorabilia that has been given to me over the years.  This will be where my treasure lies!  I know it!

Linda's Treasure Chest

Linda's Treasure Chest

This cheap box I bought because it was pretty, is full!  I have my great-grandfather’s gavel from his reign as high mucky muck in the Masonic Lodge in Washington DC, I have his yearbooks from Law School, and I have pictures of people I don’t know in this box.  It’s time to go through it again, categorize it and see exactly what I have.  It’s been years!

What mysteries lie within will soon be known. . . .

What mysteries lie within will soon be known. . . .

My plan for this box is to go through each envelope, folder and box that is in this chest, categorize it by family, make copies of the letters and pictures and make sure that those interested in having a copy will get a copy.  I don’t think there is anything in here to be eliminated because it is all in the handwriting of ancestors and I love to touch their signatures. . . . you know . .

The other mess in my office?  I guess it will just have to wait.

I know where everything is!!


4 thoughts on “My Treasure Chest Overfloweth

  1. What a perfect place for buried treasure — in a seascape box! It looks like the last bit of the unknown in an otherwise orderly world. I am envious of your attic office with its organized binders and files. You did notice that in the photo of my magic cupboard the doors were closed? There is a reason!

    I am looking forward to seeing what you find in the Lighthouse Box.

  2. That office may look organized, but what you don’t see is what I cut out of that picture! and what’s behind those bookcases!! Although, I do love having my own space! Mine All Mine!!

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