We Lost a Member of the Family Today

Rest in Peace, Katrinka Dinka Do.  We will miss you.

Katrinka Dinka Do, March 1996 - September 2008

Katrinka Dinka Do, March 1996 - September 2008

She was just a couple of months old when she joined these empty nesters.  We carried her home, with nary a sound from her in the hour’s journey.  She took to her new home and we took to her.  Her name had already been decided . . . except for the Dinka Do part.

She was a “registered cat.”  When we went to register her, there were all of these boxes left over after the Katrinka was filled in and it was tempting.  So we added the “Dinka Do” and didn’t think it would fly.  It did.  She was registered as Katrinka Dinka Do.  The name stuck.

It was the spring of 1996 and our home needed her.  She kept us on our toes, and she kept our toes warm at night.  Katrinka Dinka Do was a Russian Blue Kitten and never weighed more than seven pounds.

When we moved from California to Pennsylvania, she sat right by the window, watching the scenery change from desert into mountains back to desert.  When she was tired of watching, she crawled under the seat and slept for 4 hours.  She was a good traveler.  She was a good companion.

She played hide and seek with us when she was naughty and she tried to trip us as we went up and down the stairs.  We spoiled her and she spoiled us.

She had been having more and more accidents and we’ve changed her diet and changed our linens.  We finally decided to take her to a “Cat Doctor.”  We didn’t expect the diagnosis.

Failing weight, failing kidneys and a failing liver.  All were progressively getting worse.  It was time to bid adieu to one who had brought so much joy into our lives.  We knew, deep down, we knew.

Final rites will be held next week in our courtyard.  It will be a magnificent occasion with glasses raised to the life you led and how you lead us.  Katrinka Dinka Do, you’ve spoiled us.  There will never be another like you.

Rest in Peace, Dinka Do.  We will miss you.


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