Things I’ve learned this month. . .

Actually, I’ve learned a lot of these things as the years pile up.  The older I get, the more I learn.

  • I’ve learned there is never enough time to do everything I want to do, number one! Can anybody relate to that?  Too few hours; too many projects! Actually, I didn’t learn that just this month, I’ve known it for years.  I just keep thinking about it!
  • After taking part in the COG on what I’d rescue in case of a disaster, I learned I have a lot of heirlooms I’d better make a plan for, whether a disaster happens or not. They should all be in the same area, not some in a dresser in one bedroom, another in the sideboard in the living room, still more in the attic, etc.  If they are precious enough to survive for over 100 years, they are precious enough to be together where I’m not searching for them.  I will also put a note with each item as to what they are, who they belonged to and in what year and what I wish to have happen to them when I am no longer able to be the guardian of it.
  • I learned the old adage of “things are not always as they appear to be” is completely true. Two people, same name, same city, same profession, different wife.  Both looked right, but only one could be.  The one that looked the “rightest” wasn’t.  It’s what makes this passion so challenging and so rewarding.  What other thing that you do could offer you the satisfaction of knowing you got it right?  Oops! I just remembered. . . raising children!  That was a challenge, but it was also rewarding and a completely different story.
  • I learned the motto “Be Prepared” is one of the best pieces of advice I could give anybody. There are things I always carry with me and things I will start carrying with me.  I always carry my phone, my camera (and an extra battery for the camera), a small tablet and pencil, stamps, wet wipes, ID and a credit card and finally, an umbrella.  Is my purse heavy?  Yup, and it’s big, too!  I do have a small little purse that I can take out of the big purse and just carry my CC case, phone and camera.  If I don’t have my tablet and pencil, that camera works just as well in most cases.    I will now add address labels to my purse.  After filling out 30 door prize entries at the FGS Conference, I wish I had thought of that one earlier!  I will also add an extra pair of socks since my feet get cold in a lot of a/c environments and at my age, I no longer care if people think I look dorky!
  • I learned to treasure “Linda Time.” Going to the FGS Conference made me realize that I do not take enough Linda Time.  I enjoyed wandering where I wanted to, talking to who I wanted to, eating what I wanted to (Strawberry Rhubarb pie for dinner!) and getting up in the middle of the night, turning on the lights and working for an hour or two and then climbing back into bed.  This is not to say that I do not enjoy the life I have with my husband, because I treasure it.  I just enjoy taking a time out once in awhile.  I think we all do, don’t we?
  • I’ve learned that listening is far better than talking. If you listen, you learn and in some cases, you earn respect.  If you talk, you can put your foot in your mouth more often than not.  I’d rather listen and have people believe I’m semi-intelligent than open my mouth and have people know that I have no intelligence at all!
  • I’ve learned that each one of these topics could be a blog in itself! . . . .and maybe someday they will.  I could expand on each topic here, but then nobody would read anything that lengthy.  Boring!
  • . . . . and I learned to WRITE IT DOWN! So many times during the day, I think about something I want to look up.  As I think of a family line I’m working on, I’ll think, I wonder if they lived near another family line.  I’ll have to check that.  Do I write it down? No, I’m sure I’ll remember it later.  Do I remember it later? Of course, not! My research would be so much easier if only I’d write down what I want to look for when I have the time!  After all, I write down the results, why don’t I write down what it is I’m looking for?

Each day is a new learning opportunity.   We Get Too Smart Too Old. . . .


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