Our Family’s Crowning Glory!

It runs in the family!  Some are finicky about their hair, others their hats. . . .and some neither!  It started long ago . . .

The Ephraim Niess family was probably on a picnic.  They lived in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and did own property that somebody farmed for them.  My great-grandfather, Edwin, is the oldest boy in the middle of the picture.  Since he was born in 1867, the picture had to have been taken after 1873 or so.  This family loved their hats!

My grandmother, Bertha Emma von Breyman graduated from high school on June 18, 1913 in the morning.  She was 16 years old and the first in her family to graduate from high school.  That afternoon, she and Henry A.W. Lindgren went down to the City Hall in Sacramento and were married.  Their honeymoon was to the Pan Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.  This picture was taken there.  Her hat looks overpowering for such a young girl.  His looks great on him.

Ninety five years later, the Lindgrens great-great granddaughter graduated from High School in the windy Tehachapi Pass in California.  She did not get married the same day and she did not wear a hat.  But her crowning glory did blow in the breeze!

Hallie’s grandparents cover the hair (what little they have of it!) and their hats served a purpose.  It was December and we were on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.  We needed to wear those wool hats!

We always did try to keep with the styles.  Sometimes we succeeded, sometimes we didn’t.

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