Linda’s Friday at FGS

Friday was a full day!  Each session I chose to attend was informative and had a lot I would put into use in my research.

First of all, I was so “into” the day’s offerings that I did not take time to take pictures.  <GASP!!> Linda didn’t take pictures??  <FAINT!> <WHAT???>

The first session was another full one and excellent.  “Inferential Genealogy: Deducing Ancestors’ Identities Indirectly” was given by Thomas W. Jones.  As it turns out, I’ve done this! He was excellent and full of tips.  Your conclusions must be documented and you must be aware of the sources, reasons and triggering events for each record.  I hated to see this one end.

. . . . and I didn’t want the second session to end, either!  “Plot your Ancestors Using Google Earth” was given by Connie Reik.  This one was so full that we had to switch to a bigger room, change the equipment and then the show got on the road.  I was thrilled to learn everything this program has to offer and will definitely put it into use in my research and documentation of immigration patterns.  This offering was way too short.

The third session of the morning was one I almost didn’t attend, but was glad I did!  “Carriers of News and Knowledge: Post Office Records” was given by Julie Miller, CG.  At first I thought it was just going to be about mailmen and Pony Express Riders, but was I ever mistaken.  Since my ancestor had a rather high position in the Post Office Department in Washington, I asked before I sat down.  She assured me that it covered all Postal records and I stayed. . . . and was glad I did.

She went through the History of the Department and then the records kept and the location of the same.  She showed us examples of some of the record groups at NARA and gave us other sources that also had information and records that would be instrumental in our research.

A satisfying morning.  I was ready for lunch so I headed back to the market and got a ham and swiss on rye.  Wonderful choice ~ then for the second half of the day!

The first session of the afternoon (and I only went to two this afternoon since the second one got over at 4:30) was “What’s New on” and was given by Suzanne Russo Adams.  She showed us how to access some things many of us never knew existed and showed us the new look of  An hour well spent.  I have no idea how anybody researches without  It’s an excellent tool for that late nite researching.

The fourth and final session I attended on Friday was given by Curt Witcher, Genealogy Center Manager of the Allen County Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  “All that Other Stuff!! Other Enumerations Beyond the Federal Population Schedules!” gave me a new perspective on what I termed census schedules and thought couldn’t possibly apply to my family.  Wrong assumption.

This man is an excellent speaker.  I had heard him in SLC several times and knew without a doubt that I would learn something in this session.  Boy did I!  I learned there are many other enumerations taken at the time of the census and each one may offer us clues.  The Non-Population Schedules offer a wealth of information regarding our ancestors, as well as many other types of records that he went through.  Another hour that went by way to fast!

I am ready for Saturday morning and have two sessions picked out that I’m sure will be as good as the ones I attended on Friday.

Bring ’em on!


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