Heading for Philly . . . .

The only time I’ve ever attended a FGS Conference is when it’s held in Salt Lake City.  It’s a good excuse to hear excellent speakers and spend until 10:00PM in Mecca . . .aka. . . THE Library!  I’ve been there for the last several times the Conference has been held there.  I love it!

Amtrak Station, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Amtrak Station, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Since this year’s conference is in Philly, I’ve decided to hop on Amtrak and attend.  It’s a short hour on the train and I have reservations at the Marriott.  I’m ready!  The Amtrak Station is about a mile from my home, I have my tickets and I’ll be there late Wednesday.  I decided on Amtrak rather than driving to avoid the hassle of traffic and cost of gas and parking my car for three days!  My tickets on Amtrak were, are you ready for this only $24!!  Which would you choose??

With the Syllabus online, I’ve been poring over the offerings.  I did register several months ago, and I’ve printed the sessions I will be attending and what a variety!  Some of the interesting offerings are”

  • “Plotting Your Ancestors Using Google Earth”
  • “Inferential Genealogy: Deducing Ancestors’ Identities Indirectly”
  • “All That Other Stuff!!” Other Enumerations Beyond the Federal Population Schedules
  • “Using German Church Records”
  • “Ohio or Bust.  Migrations into the Buckeye State”
  • “The Pennsylvania Civil War Muster Rolls Project: A Potential Treasure House for Genealogists”
  • “Convicts to the North American Colonies”
  • “Researching 18th Century Germans”
  • “One-Step Webpages”

and the list goes on and on! I am not registered for all of those, but they all look interesting to me.  I am registered for the first four, however.

Got my folder of information,  my Visa card, my laptop, camera and a whole lot of cords and chargers. The important stuff is ready.

I’m heading for Philly~


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