I forgot to add another favorite cemetery!

. . . and how could I ever forget Marietta Cemetery??

John Auxer, Jane Park Auxer, Henry Stoll and Caroline Auxer, their children

Since my Leader family were original settlers of this river town, two cemeteries here reflect my family’s history.  The picture of the John Auxer’s family final resting place is one of my favorites.  It was a chilly day, leaves blowing everywhere, and even the American flag in the distance is flapping in the breeze.  The headstone laying face down is John’s, the broken one next to it belongs to his wife, Jane Park Auxer and the two next to her belong to two of their children, Henry Stoll and Caroline.

Philip and Rebecca Leader

Philip was my g-g-g-g-g-g grandfather’s nephew and has a prominent monument in this historical cemetery.

George W. Leader was Philip’s son and is buried along with his wife, next to her parents in the same cemetery.

Just to walk through this large cemetery and see the history of my family is an experience I would not trade.

I try to do it often.


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