I found two headstones today!

We decided to take a Mid-Week Getaway this week and decided to drive to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. Having never been there, we thought it would be a nice drive, something new to see, and a chance to stay in a Historic B & B in West Virginia.

Well, we had time to kill before check-in time and took a detour up to Sharpsburg where my Grove family called home!  All I knew for certain was that Catharine Staley Grove was buried in “The Reformed Cemetery” in Sharpsburg.  Do you think anybody knew where that was??  Even the Librarian had to call some body to ask!  . . . and the town ain’t that big, folks!! The Librarian got directions to 3 different cemeteries. . . . kinda. . . and we took it from there.  Don’t you know that the next block over from the Library, directly behind the restaurant we had lunch in (where the waitress had never heard of it) was the cemetery!  Unbelievable!!!

Now according to the sign, this cemetery has been there awhile and the townfolk should know where it is!  We found it on the first go-around!  . . . . and wouldn’t you know, continuing with tradition, Jim found my ancestors’ headstones?  Who cares?  They were found!!!

Jacob and Catharine Staley Grove's Headstones

Jacob and Catharine Staley Grove

Jacob’s even has a plaque directly in front of his headstone commemorating his Revolutionary War service.  Life is good!

Tomorrow we’ll go the Veterans Cemetery in Winchester.  It’s so nice to have such an accommodating husband. . . . . . I won’t even complain when he finds the next headstone!!

Sincerest apologies to the townfolk who do know where this cemetery is! I guess we just didn’t ask the right people!!!


One thought on “I found two headstones today!

  1. Linda, next time stay at a historic B&B in Sharpsburg. The Jacob Rohrbach Inn dates from 1804 and the majority of it was built by John D. Grove. There are other Grove properties here you may be interested in also. BTW we also have Barron’s History of Sharpsburg for sale here. Too bad you had problems finding the cemetery, but then the people you spoke with most likely work here but don’t live here.

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