Every so often you get a break and it happened last week

If you know what you are looking for, the information is there and readily available! My Kleiss line is finally yielding some information, and it doesn’t necessarily agree with the information that’s “out there!”

Maria, 6th child of Philip and Elizabeth Kleiss married and moved to Harrisburg where she died.  I’ve had that information for some time, thanks to a newspaper blurb announcing her marriage that I found about a year ago.  Recently, I found the notice of her estate settlement while scanning a Lancaster newspaper online, just looking for information of anybody in any line in my database!  It mentioned the fact that she had died in Harrisburg but the estate settlement was in Lancaster.  Two brother-in-laws were administrators of her estate.  Bingo! That was the right Anna Maria!

Last Friday, on my regular volunteer day, I got a copy of the Administrator’s account and VOILA! It mentioned her living sisters and their married names, her deceased brothers and sisters and their descendants!  It even listed married names for the female descendants!  It several cases, it listed the husband’s names!

This information has helped in sorting out the various Georges and Philips in a very confusing Kleiss line where George and Philip were very common names!  (and why couldn’t that Kleiss family be a little more original in their names, anyway??)

do have all the details on this, so if this is your line and information you are interested in, please contact me.  I am always willing to share and exchange information.  I do not put it all out there, however, since it often ends up on other’s web pages as other’s own work, and I’ve never had an opportunity to meet other family members!

Children of Johann Philip and Elizabeth Auxer Kleiss

(Birth order according to Auditor’s Report with the exception of Philip, Jr. who is not mentioned, of course)

  • George
  • Philippina
  • John
  • Elizabeth
  • Catharine
  • Anna Maria
  • Susanna
  • Philip, Jr.

  • Thank goodness for boredom and the inability to sleep and most of all thank goodness for all those societies and agencies who put those wonderful newspapers online for all of us Family History junkies!

    It just goes to show you that it is persistence that brings the luck that befalls a researcher!


One thought on “Every so often you get a break and it happened last week

  1. Hi again! I just found this one you had posted and wanted to see about getting a portion of that estate record, just where it mentions Anna’s brother and sisters, and descendents, etc. Those georges and philips can be very confusing. trying at the moment to separate them and list children for each. Well anyway, great post. Always good to see info on the Kleiss family. Not enough of it out there. Didn’t know if you got it, but did send you an email this morning after getting yours.

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