It’s been awhile, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stagnated!

I’ve taken 2 trips to California, and still managed to increase knowledge of my family! While the rest of the household sleeps, I research! My husband, son and grandson are sawing logs and my daughter-in-law has left for work. Only Linda is up and hard at it! All because of a new website FULL of information!!!

Thanks to the discovery of several websites. . . two of them still in the Pilot stage, I’ve added a whole lot of information to my database! Actual death certificates and obituaries online! From Pennsylvania! Wow!

When I was a “newbie” on the internet, well over 10 years ago, who would have thunk it? Actual documents from Pennsylvania online? Much less newspapers from the early 1800’s?

Remember Christopher’s kids? That Axer family? Daughter Sarah who married Michael Allgeyer? I found both Mary and her husband and Margaret and her family (9 kids!) . . . . and then right in my own line, I found Amelia Auxer and her husband!! That one was the biggest find for me. I’d love to have my own line complete (siblings and their spouses) but we all know what a dream that one is! Especially the females!!

. . . . and then finding one of John Auxer’s daughters (He was the JP in Marietta) in Montana of all places!! Unbelieveable! Any volunteers out there to look in Montana records for a death date for me??? Her husband died in Marietta and she high tailed it to Montana to live with her daughter, 2nd husband and kids.

. . . . . and then there’s a death certificate for a six month old Auxer baby who died from “Hereditary Syphillis.” First child from the first marriage. . . . . and the couple went on to have seven more children before she died. Wow! Whomever the transmitter was must have been cured before the conception of those other seven. . . . .

Back to the webpages. . . . there’s too much out there right now and I’m on a roll! I’ll post more results as time permits and if I get bored researching.

. . . . .like that will happen!!


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