Sometimes I wish I descended from Christopher. . . .

That branch has so more drama in it than Michael’s does!!

We have wife beaters in this branch, we have bootleggers and we have somebody who enlisted in the Civil War three times just to collect the bounty!  Yes, he deserted all three times and he got caught. And he even applied for a pension!!  However, our government, in one of their smarter moves, turned him down.  Duh!

I keep thinking I’ve found the end of the drama, but then more just jumps up and slaps me in the face! I love this branch of the Axer family! and it always seems to be Christopher’s kid Jacob’s branch! The others, it seems, lead fairly normal lives.

Christopher’s grandson John is our subject this week, his first born, heir to the throne, yada, yada, yada. As I documented previously, John married Anna Maria Ferree and they had a daughter Lydia. So far so good.

My trip to the National Archives opened up a new chapter in this guy’s life for me. I got his military record and matched it with a file I had for the military pension for John Axer, Lieutenant in the First Maryland Calvary. Guess what? Same guy! . . . . and just what is he doing in NYC after the war??? This guy traveled from Lancaster to Maryland to NYC . . . . and now he has a different wife!!

How did I come to the conclusion that the guy in NYC is the same John Axer that was born in Lancaster, PA? For one thing I compared signatures, and for another, and most importantly, death dates matched exactly!

There is NO divorce in Lancaster County for John and Anna Maria Ferree, perhaps there is one in Philly. I certainly hope there is a divorce record, because Ida claims to be his widow while wife #1 is still alive!! What goes on here?

Another interesting fact is a letter in his file requesting a leave of absence from the military to go home to Lancaster because “one of his children” has just died and his wife is very ill. Who died? Who was the wife in Lancaster? Anna Maria was in Philly from 1850, and just exactly how many children did he have???

. . . . so now we add Ida F., as one of John’s wife and the search continues for his children! Now we must find out when he picked this one up, and when he got rid of the other! Who knows? Rosanna Kiplinger may be his wife, too! He may have wives in 3 separate states ~ and children scattered far and wide!

So continues another week of research with a lot of loose ends to tie up . . . . . somehow!


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