Christopher? Christian? Same Guy? YUP!!

This is the 2nd time I’ve run into Christian and Christopher being used interchangeably, and both in this particular family line! Are they the same guy?? Facts say undeniably, YES!

My latest find is in the Doebler line. Anna Maria Axer, daughter of Christopher (Christian?) Axer and Catharine Danner, married to John George Doebler. Anna Maria and John George had at least five children, probably more because they keep turning up the more I dig! One of the children is the Christian/Christopher I am referring to.

    According to Church Records found for a Lutheran Church, George Doebler and his wife, Anna Maria, baptized a son, Christoph on 4 October 1820. The child was born in 1816. First name for this son.

  • On the 1850 census, in the same area, Christopher is now married to Elisabeth. She is 26, he is 32 and they have three children, John, age 7, George, age 5 and Catharine, age 3.
  • On the 1860 census, same area again, Christian Dobler is 45, (he’s aged 13 years, not unusual) Elisabeth is 36, John is 17, George is 15, Catharine is 13 and two more children have been born, Anna age 5 and Mary age 2.
  • According to those same church records, in 1856, Christian Daveler is buried, leaving Elisabeth a widow.
  • In 1870, the census shows Elisabeth Daveler as 46 and a housekeeper for the Good family in the same area. Mary is with her and is 13.
  • On the 1880 census, Elizabeth Daveler is 53 and widowed, Anna is 25 and single. They are still in the same area. They are still in West Lampeter, which they were 10 years previous.

  • As Christian and Christopher are interchangeable, so seems to be Doebler/Dobler and Daveler. I have conferred with several people on this, and everybody concurs that this is indeed, the same family.

    . . . . . . . . . .Just love it when more information pops out at me!!


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