Don’t You Love It When Things Start Clicking?

Compiling each family on what I call “Family Cover Sheets” has paid off in more ways than one!

Each family in my database has one of these “Family Cover Sheets.” It Lists the Patriarch, who he married, their vital statistics, census data, any pertinent newspaper articles and their children and who they married. Some of them are 5 pages long, some are less than one page. Just a little background on what I go through to organize my books and records ~ and keep all the “Georges, Jacobs and Michaels” straightened out!

As I was doing a cover sheet on a new name I found, I discovered it was not a new name after all! Earlier I mentioned finding the marriage of Susan Axer and John Hanson. The marriage record stated that Susan was the daughter of Georg Axer and Mary, born Dolan, all of “Millerstown”. Millerstown is most probably Millersville, since the wedding took place in Lancaster County.

Now, if you go to the “Poor Children’s Records” in Manor Township (where Millersville is located!) you will find Susan daughter of George Oxer, on the list in 1822 and again in 1825. She was 11 years old in 1825.

Let’s assume Susan who married John Hanson is the daughter of George Oxer of Manor Twp, and label it fact #1.

Now, George Axer of Strasburg married a Polly Daein of Strasburg on 13 Aug 1801. Let’s label this fact #2.

If “Daein” is in fact “Dalin,” (think a very short script “L”) could it in fact be the same “Mary Doland” who was married to George and was the mother of Susan??? Let’s assume so, and call it fact #3.

It’s getting better.

George Oxer of Erie County was from Lancaster County and was born 11 Jan 1805. When he was baptized in Erie County (St. John’s Lutheran Church, 25 May 1844) he stated his parents were “Georg and Maria Oxer.” Son of George and Mary/Polly Daein/Dalin/Dolan? Again, let’s assume so. Fact #4.

In 1850, Hannah Oxer, age 32, is enumerated with the Stoner family in Manor Township, Millersville. This could be the same Hannah, who was on the “Poor Childlren’s List,” daughter of George Oxer in 1825, 26 and 27. Let’s call it Fact #5

Buried in Millersville Mennonite Cemetery:
Mary Oxer Copeland
Born Oct 26, 1807
Died May 30, 1878.

Old German Midwife’s Records, Family History Library Film #383294:
Born 25 Oct 1807, father Giorg Agser.
Another Child for George and Mary/Polly Daein/Dalin/Dolan. Fact #6

What these assumptions give us:
George Axer/Oxer married Mary Doland (aka Polly) on 13 Aug 1801
They were the parents of:

  1. Mary, married to Copeland, born 26 Oct 1807
  2. George of Erie County, born 11 Jan 1805 .
  3. Susan who married John Hanson, born about 1810, according to Poor Children’s List
  4. Hannah, who lived w/the Stoners, born about 1816

Any thoughts on this?


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