Just when you think you’ve got it sorted out. . .

Church records from just one denomination try to prove you wrong!

I try to look at a different Church register every chance I get.  Today I looked at Lutheran Church records from Conestoga and Columbia.  Doing so has provided an “opportunity” for me to do just a little more research into the George Doebler/Anna Maria Auxer family . . . . . . .
as though I needed an excuse!

  • Parents: Doebler, George, wf Anna Maria
    Child: Christoph, b. Aug 3 1816, Anna b. Sept 9 1819
    bapt: Oct 14 1820
    Sponsors: parents
    Is this this same George and Anna Maria that is in our database? This would put them in their 30’s/40’s when these children were born and it is conceivable that they be their parents.
  • Burial Records 1841, Lutheran Church, Conestoga, Pa.
    Sept. 21, George, son of Jacob Doebler, age 2-1-3
    This is conceivably their grandson. Son Jacob was born in 1813.
  • Burial Records 1842, Lutheran Church, Conestoga, Pa.
    Aug. 9, Benjamin, son of George Dabler, age 19-3-15
    Another son for George and Anna Maria? The only problem with this being the same George and Anna Maria Auxer in our database is the fact that we have assumed that our George and Anna Maria are the same couple found enumerated in the Borough of Lancaster. If indeed that is “our” George and Anna Maria, why would they travel to Conestoga or Columbia for baptisms? or burials of children when Trinity Lutheran is close to their residence? Two Georges and Anna Marias? hmmmm-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m.
  • Births and Baptisms, Lutheran Church, Columbia, Lanc. Co., Pennsylvania
    Name: Leader, William Henry
    Parents: George W., Fannie
    Born-Bapt: June 21 1852 – Oct 5, 1852
    Sponsors: Parents
    We now have a middle name for William along with a baptism date and place.

  • It seems that the more we find, the more questions we have on what we’ve already found!! I guess that’s what keeps us in the books. . . . . and on the internet!


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