Final resting spots. . . . . .

I guess final resting spots could be new discoveries, couldn’t they? . . . . . well, to me they are, not to those interred therein!

First discovery? The Trost family. Who??? George (bad boy) Auxer’s only daughter and her family. Why had I never found them before this? Well, I’ve assumed (wrongly) that if you were an Auxer descendant and lived in Lancaster, you must either be of the Reformed faith or a Lutheran! A Catholic? Never! Boy was I wrong!


. . . . and being Catholic, where do you think they are buried? Well, the Catholic Cemetery, of course, right in the heart of Lancaster, right next to the huge Lancaster Cemetery where I thought they should be buried!!! And isn’t it a magnificent monument??

The odd thing about this is, I was looking for her mother’s headstone and found her’s! Her mother, according to records, is supposed to be buried in Woodward Hill Cemetery. I found her obituary (Catharine Auxer’s) and it said she was buried there. Well! After searching the records, I found an entry where “Susan Frost and George Auxer” were purchasers of a particular site. In the pouring rain, with winds high enough to turn my umbrella inside out, I went searching for the headstones in the referenced site. I found people who were supposed to be buried in adjacent sites, but no Auxer, no Frost, no Trost. . . . . . and why would George purchase a site for Catharine, when he died in California in 1880 and Catharine died in 1909???? He didn’t even care about her enough to come and see her in Lancaster after he left town years before! Another mystery in the Auxer legacy. . . .

Now on to the Leader clan! I’m still trying to trace my 6th great grandfather’s brothers and sisters! Oh! and step-brothers and sisters! Samuel had 8 brothers and sisters and 6 step-brothers and sisters. He had at the very least, 40 nephews and nieces. . . . . and those are just the ones I have found. I would venture to say there are at least 25 more! Tracing the Leader line has been fun! Try putting “Leader” into a search engine ~ guess what you’ll get!! Thousands upon thousands of hits, and maybe, just maybe 1%of them might apply to the surname “Leader!”

Anyway, enough of the ranting, after all, we’re talking about headstones, today, and I finally took the time to drive out to Mt. Joy and photograph Samuel’s step-brother, Joshua’s headstone. His headstone includes his wife, Agnes and his daughter Isabella (Bella.) Since it is relatively new, I’m assuming it was erected upon Bella’s death in 1933.


The headstone below does NOT belong in our family line. I just found it fascinating and had to photograph it. It is in the Catholic Cemetery in Lancaster, at the opposite end of the row that the Trost family can be found in. It must have been awesome when it was new. I think it is beautiful in an eerie sort of way ~


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