Another Week ~ more discoveries!

These weren’t right at my finger tips!  I had to drive over to York County to find these!

First and foremost, George Axer/Oxer of York County, literally lost the farm to a Sheriff’s Sale in 1828. According to the Sheriff’s deed, “the estate of George Oxer” was sold, yada, yada, yada. This had me very confused, since he appeared on the tax list in the same township up until 1849 so how could he be dead? However, after talking to a friend, we discovered that prior to 1828, he was taxed on land and a house; after 1828 he was taxed as an occupant! His “estate” was literally what he owned, and I was interpreting it as his estate as in what he left when he died! One matter cleared up, but I still don’t know when or where he died! He is not buried with the rest of his family.

Secondly, I established the fact that my Ludwig/Lewis Leader of Marietta, is indeed the same Ludwig Leader that was in Chanceford Twp. in York County. I did find a deed in which Ludwig Leader and his wife “Saley” of New Haven, Lancaster County sold his property in Chanceford Twp. Marietta was created from New Haven and Saley was his wife, Sarah. This deed was dated 1810.

Just a couple of discoveries, but if I can find a couple of things a week, the week isn’t wasted, is it?

. . . . and what do you think next week will bring? If only I knew!


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